Friday, October 31, 2003

Hmmm....can a blogger be "Uplifted"?

A common meme in SF these days, beginning (I think) in the work of David Brin, is "uplift", wherein life evolves to a certain point but must then be acted-upon by an outside source to achieve sentience. And since Morat is dismayed at his slide in the Ecosystem, I'll toss out a cluster of links here intended to uplift him! (Yeah, it's a slow blogging day.)

His wife was in a car accident. She's banged-up but OK, apparently; sadly, her bosses at her retail job were less than sympathetic. He also picks on Gregg Easterbrook's belief in Intelligent Design; offers a take on Donald Luskin (actually, two takes); thinks that Wesley Clark's campaign has a few problems of the "viability" variety; and finally points to a partial quoting of something funny Jon Stewart said about our President.

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