Sunday, October 26, 2003

Mr. President, a Mr. Falwell to see you.

Via Matthew Yglesias I see this Washington Post article, which seems to indicate a long suspicion of mine: Sooner or later, the Evangelical Christian Right, which is overwhelmingly Republican, is going to decide that it's been moderately silent long enough. In other words, President Bush's debts are going to be called in, which should make for some pretty interesting political theater. It's like they're saying, "Fine, we were quiet after our open-mike night at the 1992 Republican Convention, but we want the mike again." I'm reminded of that recent Steven Den Beste post in which SDB maintained that the Christian Right has been marginalized in Republican politics, an idea which struck me as being, well, totally wrong.

But what strikes me in this article is the opening graf:

Republican lawmakers and conservative activists are making plans to turn gay marriage into a major issue in next year's elections, with some Christian groups saying that banning same-sex unions is a higher immediate priority for them than restricting abortion.

Presumably, these are many of the same folks who believe that human life begins at conception. The logical result, then, of their belief that same-sex marriage outweighs abortion is this: "We hate gays more than we value human life, and we are prepared to reflect that belief in our activism." That's a pretty breathtaking statement of values, isn't it?

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