Thursday, October 23, 2003

A Potential Warning!

A few minutes ago I checked my Technorati Link Cosmos, and found a new site linking to Byzantium's Shores that is, shall we say, a tad surprising. (As of this writing, it's the Number Two site listed there. Not Safe For Work!) Upon further investigation, it appears to be a porn site that's specifically designed to look like a blog. Scrolling downward, I found a very long list of links which I assume is where the link here is located; I also see that this site has 125 referrals already from Technorati, so I assume I'm far from the only one making this discovery this morning.

I don't know, maybe this is all harmless and maybe it's really just someone using blog format for a bit of "High Kinkiness", but in the wake of last week's "Comments Spam" attacks that infected many Movable Type blogs out there with porn links in the comment threads, my "suspicion meter" is set on "High". So, any of my readers with blogs of their own might want to be on the lookout. I'm not sure really what happens next here, but vigilance is always wise.

And this strikes me as a good time to reiterate my own Comments Spam policy: I will ban any IP addresses that attempt to do any such thing on my comments and I will report such behaviors to the appropriate ISPs.

UPDATE: And just like that, Teresa Nielsen Hayden has already found the exact same site. Somehow I suspect that the names "Woody" and "Peaches" are about to become quite infamous in Blogistan....

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