Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Get in there and make the dish!

Notes on Hell's Kitchen. Spoilers, so highlight to read:

:: Ahhh, the "taste it and make it" challenge.

:: I didn't think I could loathe Benjamin any more than I already did going into this episode, but damned if he didn't manage to sink below that bar for the ninth or tenth consecutive week! I cannot stand this guy. Hate him. His constant baby-act "I shoulda won! I'm a better cook and I have passion and that person doesn't and wah wah waahhhhh!!!" is the most grating thing I've seen on a reality teevee program in...I can't actually remember one.

:: I don't believe his back injury. I think it's a tantrum. I also think he senses that he is not going to win Hell's Kitchen, so he is trying to set it up so that if he gets eliminated, he can point to his back injury. And believe me, I know that cooking in a kitchen is hard work, but there's no way that what Ben does is physically harder than what I do for a living, and I've had to carry around ten-foot ladders and work power tools and hoist heavy items all over the place after I've thrown my back out before. You pop a bunch of ibuprofens and get right on working.

Last season's winner, Dave, worked the entire season after breaking his wrist in the first week or two. Man up, Ben. Lose the way you deserve to.

:: Jay is irritating to me as well. He just is. On the one hand he's head-over-heels for Holli, but then he cuts her down when he's talking to Ben. What a putz. He's a good cook and probably the most deserving chef there right now overall, but I just don't like him all that much.

:: Oh look, Ben is suddenly OK to work. I'm going with my "passive-aggressive temper tantrum" and "excuse for almost-certain failure" hypotheses.

:: The chefs run the pass tonight. This is always fascinating, especially when he has the sous chefs sabotage them to see if they catch the stunts.

:: Jay did the best up there; Holli recovered quickly from early jitters and only missed one of her quality checks, which came from an erroneous ticket put in by Jean-Philippe. Ben missed two. But Ben is a genius! He's the only cook who can beat Jay! Asshole. And Autumn? God in Heaven, is she annoying.

:: Ben was sure quick on his feet. As noted above, I've hurt my back before, and while you can move around with effort if you're determined, you are not that quick. I'm still thinking "Liar liar, Ramsay's gonna set your portrait on fire".

:: Please...eliminate Ben...eliminate Ben...eliminate Ben....

:: Autumn finally goes. About time. I think she managed to get this far by never being as bad as someone else. (I liked her little dig at Ben: "I never quit.")

:: Second one...please give Ben the boot. Please oh please oh please.

:: YAY!!! At long, long last! Benjamin's an arrogant, sexist douche. And I love the look on his face as he hands in his jacket.

:: Go Holli!!!

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Kal said...

I knew Ben was having a hissy fit after losing that challenge and missing out on getting to be on the boat with his family. That was the end of his dream right there and I am glad that Ramsey didn't reward his douchebaggery. When Jay badmouthed Holli he lost my support. I hope all that figures into the final decision. Too bad that both Jay and Holli have to deal with all the numnuts that got eliminated earlier in the season. There is a reason they are gone. I can see them actively attempting to saboutage (sp) the finalists.