Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Covering up

Lynn comments about a blog devoted to "bad" F/SF book cover art. I put "bad" in quotes because, well, not all of them strike me as being bad.

What interested me, though, is that I had to go all the way to page 19 of the blog to find a book that I actually own. I have that cover. Wouldn't call it "bad", just strangely uncompelling. And in fact, if you hate that cover to Carpe Diem, then you can probably rip on any of the other covers in those particular reprints of the Liaden Universe novels, because they all have the same kind of theme: a man, a woman, and a SFnal backdrop like a planet or a spaceship.

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Lynn said...

I haven't looked that deep into it yet but on the second page I found one that I own: Winning Colors. I enjoyed that one a lot and didn't think about the cover much. I need to read it again because I didn't realize (or I've forgotten) that the heroine was black.