Friday, November 04, 2005

Someone please connect the dots!

Craig approvingly links a post from those wild-and-wacky Powerline guys, in which the Powerline guys look at the political landscape that exists right now and conclude...wait for it...that the Democrats are right where the Republicans want them.

Well, I'm not a political strategist and I sure don't play one on TV, so I'm probably just stupid here, but I'm finding it difficult to grok a strategy that involves getting the President's approval ratings to a stunningly low level (we're talking levels not seen by a President since Jimmy Carter, who came about as close to leaving the White House on a rail as Presidents can come), numerous members of the Congressional leadership and White House senior staff under either indictment or serious investigation, a war that is apparently polling worse every time Gallup fires up its call center, a Supreme Court nomination that was scuttled in the face of criticism from not the opposition but the Republicans' own base, massive criticisms of response to a nationally-scaled emergency after years of these same people insisting that they are the ones who are best suited to responding to nationally-scaled emergencies, and a domestic agenda whose centerpiece item -- Social Security reform -- was so unpopular that it wasn't even put on the back burner but hastily re-wrapped in Saran and stuck in the bottom fridge drawer, to fester alongside that head of broccoli that everyone buys for when they insist that they're gonna start eating healthy any day now.

As I said, I'm not quite understanding just where the Big Upside to that strategy is, but then, I'm a Democrat, and after all, we Democrats are right where the Republicans want us, and we're completely impotent, unable to do anything but sit by and shout while the dominoes of the Great Conservative Agenda fall, one by one by one. Powerline said so. No doubt that when this strategy was hatched, the Powerline guys joined in a chorus of "It's so crazy, it just might work!" and "It's just what they'll be expecting us to do!" I'd check their archives, but the catbox needs cleaning, and I've got a strict limit on the amount of crap I'm allowing myself to handle these days, so....

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