Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Buffalo Skies

Man, are we having some nasty weather today. You know how in movies set in coastal fishing towns, there's always that crusty old salt who sits on his stool at the local bar and is always saying things like "Knee's hurtin'...there's gonna be weather"? Well, what we've had today is the kind of "weather" that those old salts are referring to when their aching knees presage the onset of "weather". It's pretty much rained continually since before I left for work this morning, at times being accompanied by thunder and lightning, with the rain frequently reaching "torrential" levels. And it was the kind of day when you look up at the sky and note how fast the clouds are whipping by, and when you realize that they've been moving by at that same impressive speed for over twelve hours, you realize just how big the storm front apparently is.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm inside.

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