Monday, November 21, 2005

Sentential Links #26

This is the half-year edition of Sentential Links, give or take a few by way of weeks missed for vacation or whatnot. I really enjoy gathering these links, so long may the tradition continue!

:: Another long, lonely, and empty day awaits. (The woman who posted last week's heartrending single entrant in this series has posted a follow-up. I'd like to be able to say that I can't imagine the pain she is going through, but the problem is, I look at Little Quinn and realize that I actually can imagine it, all too easily. I can't express enough, though, my admiration at her bravery in writing about even the tiniest fraction of the feelings she is experiencing right now. Someday, I think that strength will serve her well, if it hasn't already.)

:: The visuals are so lush, so beautiful, so breathtaking and, in certain ways, so touching, that my mouth was agape for the entire movie, just like a kid in a movie theater of old. To put it plainly and simply, not necessarily in that order – Mr. Miyazaki makes magic. (Bruce Kimmel is an old hand of various online film music communities, and he has a long show-business career. His blog is fun to read, although I rarely know much about what he's talking about. If you're looking for an "inside showbiz" kind of blog, check him out.)

:: The White House's actions don't really make sense unless on some level they believed what they were saying -- as we can see, getting caught is inevitable when it comes to something like this -- but any information, no matter how dubious, that supported the conclusion they wanted to believe would just go right on through the pipeline no matter how many times somebody tried to tell them to slow down. (I think that the rejoinder to "How did Bush lie?" is to reply that he lied in the worst way: he and his people lied to themselves. Once you do that, lying to everyone else is a piece of cake.)

:: Look. Look up. Pony! Loomin', jumpin' pony. Hop, hippo, hop. Joy! Poop. Pumilio. Milk on my yo-yo. Loin, junk, Polk, pin, plink, plonk, hum. Oil, pomp, lumkin. (Hey look! Dr. Myers is speaking in tongues!)

:: The mere thought of wandering by a store where people stinkables are on display makes me shudder. What’s next, advertising for boner pills on television? (There's a store in a Buffalo neighborhood that sells lingerie, and displays its wares in its front window. Won't someone please think of the children!)

:: Scott pointed out to me that this gull looks like Mr. Burns. (Holy crap! It does!)

:: Too bad some 18th century medical experts did not devise an apparatus to transfuse blood from Hector Berlioz to the dying Mendelssohn to revive him with some of the Frenchman's élan vitale. Even had the experiment utterly failed, it would have produced the unintended benefit of cutting short Berlioz' career. (And thus does Mr. Himebaugh become my sworn enemy. Willingly cutting short Berlioz's career? Pshaw! Pistols at dawn, says I!)

:: Alan you are such a liar; anyone that [sic] reads this nonsense has to just laugh. You get the same comments from the same people 90% of the time. When your not around you get NO comments period because you write 99% of the comments yourself. (This is actually a comment to one of BuffaloPundit's posts. I reproduce said comment here because the grammatical and arithmetical trainwreck is just too precious to ignore.)

:: Sometimes I think about creating a website called Homicide Girls, where the subscription fees go towards funding human-hunts in the lawless wilds of the Ukraine. (Sign me up!)

:: So they call themselves Conservatives, vote Republican, complain about their taxes, tell their jokes, and then rant and rave like hell when their streets don't get plowed and their sewers back up and their grandmother's Social Security check is late and their cousin comes home from Iraq without a leg and the Army charges him for the loss of his gun.

:: Thank you for overalls... and Birkenstocks... thick cotton socks and deliciously warm wool sweaters. And a husband who thinks this is a good look. (Amen, sister -- although for me it's a wife. But then, I like the look on her too, so it's all good.)

All for this week. Look for more good sentential stuff next week!

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