Monday, November 07, 2005

Sentential Links #24

Wow, I've done quite a few of these Sentential Links posts now. They're a lot of fun to create, and it's a built-in excuse to look around corners of Blogistan I'm not usually frequenting. Anyway, here are this week's bits of Sentential goodness:

:: Oh, the joys of sheep manure! (I just discovered this blog the other day, and it's just great. How can you not love a blog with this tagline: A taste of country living without leaving home. Food writing & recipes, farm life tidbits, news from the organic heirloom garden & greenhouse, and step-by-step progress as I create a small artisan bread bakery--all from my 240-acre remote Missouri farm? I mean, what's not to love in a blog like that?)

:: So, now I have to avoid looking at calendars, lest I find the one that turns out to be really The One and spend the next year disappointed with the one that I have. (Or, you can just do what I did last year: I bought two calendars. I use 'em more for the pictures than for the dates, anyway.)

:: To my mind, pastry chefs are only slightly less accomplished than particle physicists. (I must have food on the mind this week....)

:: My office bookshelf project is finished. (Ahhh, yes...which means that now that Jayme is done with his carpentry project, I can begin Phase One of my own project, which I have code-named "Operation Kill Guy And Steal His Home Office". Heh! Kidding aside, that is one cool-looking home office. My own office/corner is back to looking like shit again, mainly because it's where our two bicycles are taking up residence until we can have them carted off to their winter storage facility (my parents' garage). It bugs me, though, that Jayme's photos of his shelves don't link to larger photos so I can peruse the titles on those very shelves! I'm a really nosy book person, and whenever I see a bookshelf in someone's home, I gotta know what they've filled it with.)

:: Can I say how much I loathe Andrew Lloyd Weber's music? He's right up there with Tchaikowsky on my list of "composers whose music I never want to play again." He has moments of sheer beauty, followed by minutes of absolute pabulum. Tchaikowsky is simply loud and repetitive. (This is an AOL Journal by a classical musician.)

:: To the 10% of messageboard populations that make them truly worthwhile (and you know who you are - simply because you to recognize the other 90%) - you deserve extreme admiration - but you will never receive it from anyone but the other 10% who recognize the shit around them. (Long, insightful post about Internet message boards, although I'd disagree with the interpretation of the phrase "I avoid threads in which you post". The only board I frequent anymore with any regularity is the FSM board, and there I tend to come and go, depending on my mood. It's a generally nice place, though. There's another message board that I used to love dearly and that still shows flashes of what it was, but it has one member who takes a creepy amount of delight in being the "local meanie", and for reasons passing understanding, most of the folks there find this character's antics charming on some level. Avoiding someone for no other reason than that they are a jerk is perfectly reasonable, I think.)

:: He was gone, but now he is home.

And tomorrow I must buy him a new wallet.
(This is what blogging is all about, folks.)

:: I was on a walk today with my first grader, James, when I discovered that he'd never heard of "cooties".

That's it for this week. More next week. Oh yes. There will be more.

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