Monday, November 07, 2005

Be it resolved:

Sometime before the next election cycle, I'm going to buy a rubber stamp marked "Return To Sender", with which I shall so mark every piece of annoying campaign literature I get in the mail before putting it right back in the outgoing mail. I'm so sick of these glossy mailings, complete with photos of the candidate with his/her spouse, kids, dog, goldfish, and elderly mother standing in front of one of those circa-1997 homes with the fake Norman Rockwell picket fence and slogans like "I'll work for you!" or "Return a good servant to office" and testimonials to that effect by other folks in the community. This crap serves no use other than to fill my mailbox.

So resolved and entered into the record, without objection.

(It's my blog. Everything here is entered into the record without objection.)

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