Thursday, November 24, 2005

The giving of thanks

Well, we're kind of "stuck at home" today -- just like most folks, really, but originally we'd planned to travel into Western New York's Southern Tier to visit The Parents for Thanksgiving, but a fairly nasty lake effect snowstorm is either hitting or getting ready to hit the regions between us and them, thus making travel in that direction unwise. And since we didn't get to make this decision until yesterday morning, last night involved a bit of scrambling to get ingredients for a hasty Thanksgiving Dinner that we hadn't originally planned on making. Oh well. We are now in the process of finding out how well the "stick it in a big-ass pot of water" thawing technique works on a twenty-pound turkey. Stay tuned.

We're also watching the Macy's Parade, which we watch every year. It's always fun to watch selections from the current batch of Broadway musicals, complete with awkward lipsynching and the slightly-bored looks on the faces of the people watching these performances from the read. It's also always fun to watch the marching bands, despite my loathing of actually participating in a marching band when I was in school and despite the fact that marching bands now seem required to do these godawful dance moves. It's fun to wish Katie Couric and Matt Lauer would shut up for just one minute. It's less fun to watch the various stars of NBC TV shows dragged into the parade coverage for no other reason than to pimp their shows, but hey, what're you gonna do.

As for what I'm thankful for, here's a small sampling: her, her, him, this, this, this, this, this, these fine folks, here, these, him, him, him, him, them (yeah, even though), all the folks listed here, the wonderful people here and here, every single one of these people, these, and this.

I could fill almost four years' worth of blog posts with stuff I'm also thankful for -- come to think of it, I've already done that -- but for a short list, that suffices.

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