Sunday, December 26, 2004

YO! Over here!

Another major Upstate New York newspaper, this time the Syracuse Post Standard (a paper I enjoyed reading during the six-month Syracuse Experiment, and whose website I still check four or five times a week, mainly to see how DestinyUSA is coming along*), does an article profiling bloggers from the region -- and omits the one, true Buffalo blog. Which makes me wonder just how these writers do their research, since they clearly aren't Googling Buffalo blog, because we all know that if they actually were Googling Buffalo blog, they'd actually find the one, true Buffalo blog. Harumph.

OK, self-serving Google-bombing aside, it's a pretty good article of the "Hey, look ma! We got blogs in our neighborhood!" variety. I didn't realize that NYCO was still being updated; I used to link it when I think it had a different domain (it might have even been on BlogSpot), but then it fell silent. Clearly that's because of a switch to Movable Type. And it's neat that two of the blogs profiled in the article, Alan's Buffalo Pundit and Craig's BUFFALOg, both link the one, true Buffalo blog.

Congrats to both of them on their news mentions. There's lots of good blogging going on in Buffalo.

(* DestinyUSA, the mega-mall resort thing that's been on the drawing board in Syracuse since something like 1943, is still on the drawing board. But now there's financing for something that could be the first stage of construction on parking for the thing. Or something like that.)

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