Friday, December 24, 2004

THERE'S a father who's certainly good for his word!

Via Craig at BUFFALOg, I see a bit of demented hilarity: a Houston father apparently decided that his kids were too naught to have Christmas presents, so he put the presents on eBay. A more detailed news story, with bits on the behavior that cost the kids their presents, is available here. Money quote:

Tears or no, he said, if the kids don't settle down, he will auction off the next tier of toys - a bicycle, fish tank and karaoke machine.


ADDENDUM: I'm a bit confused from the stories, though -- did they buy one PlayStation, or three separate ones, one for each kid? And if the latter, what the hell does one family need with three PlayStations? Ye Gods! Isn't a PlayStation a gizmo that hooks up to a TV so you can play games? Does each kid have his own color TV, then? Again, Ye Gods!

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