Friday, December 24, 2004

Silent night, silent blog....

Yup, another unannounced four-day break from posting. So let me announce that I likely won't be posting again until Sunday, the day after Christmas, and let me further announce that very light blogging is likely to be the rule around here for another couple of weeks. Once again, it's nothing major that's silencing me; just that I haven't had a lot of stimulus for blogging material lately, so I probably need to step back and, like, read and watch stuff. Thanks to everyone who continues to drop by, though.

(Oh, and speaking of unannounced breaks from posting, Steven Den Beste, one of the former heavyweights of Right Blogistan, headed to some other blog's comments section to explain his reasons for dropping out of the blogging game. The short version is that in order to be in a mental state conducive to blogging, he had to take medications that left him feeling crappy, and the more e-mails he received that were critical of his efforts, the less he felt like staying on the medications. I linked SDB for a long time here, and he constituted a daily, if maddening, read for me for an equivalent long time. Anyway, his current efforts are devoted to his explorations of anime.)

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