Sunday, December 12, 2004

New at GMR

I have two new reviews in this week's update of GMR. First is a double review of two CDs by Celtic music artist Laura MacKenzie, and second is a long article in which I sing the praises of Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings film scores. I worked quite a bit on the latter article, attempting to distill the thoughts I've been gestating about those scores for three years now (starting with Fellowship's release in 2001). Regular readers of my ravings here already know that I am a huge fan of these three scores; in this article I try to lay out why I love them as much as I do.

(BTW, people clicking through to my GMR bio will note, if they are familiar with me or with this blog at all, that the info there is quite behind the times -- it still has us living in Syracuse, for example, which is where we were when I joined the fine folks at GMR. A new bio has been submitted, and will hopefully appear in that space before long.)

(Also BTW, there's always lots of good stuff at GMR. Take time to poke around. Here is the current update, and the site's been around for a long time, so the archives are deep. And they're always on the prowl for new reviewers, if anyone is interested. I've had nothing but good times in my interactions with the GMR squad, and that's a fact.)

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