Sunday, December 26, 2004

Brief Notes

Since I've punked out on the Image of the Week and the Burst of Weirdness for nearly an entire month now, I've decided to go ahead and make it an official month. Both features will return in January, probably on the 9th. You have been warned.

I am also still leaning toward setting up a new blog, where I would serialize the Damned Novel, one chapter at a time. In fact, I'm so strongly leaning toward doing this that I've just spent an hour or two dinking around with my photo editing software, creating a map of sorts of the locations of the book. (And in the course of doing so, I'm discovering that my graphic design skills suck beyond all measure. This map looks like total crap, but it should get the job done.)

And finally, here's one of those "Randomize the MP3 player" thingies that I haven't done in a while, because I was reminded of it when I checked out Rox Populi earlier today:

1. "Qui Gon and Darth Maul Meet" from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
2. "Bug Tunnel and Death Trap" from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
3. "The Flag Parade" from Star Wars Episode I
4. "Gaston's Decision" from Gigi
5. "Mr. Rance" from Road to Perdition
6. "Opening" from Gigi
7. "Blowin' In the Wind" performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
8. "Kyrie Eleison" from Bless the Child
9. "The John Dunbar Theme" from Dances With Wolves
10. "Where or When" performed by Frank Sinatra

As usual, I'm surprised by the presence of multiple tracks from the same album -- twice, in this case -- from a randomizing of over a thousand MP3s. In practice, I never use the randomizer, but it's a fun diversion for blogging purposes. I think. Or maybe it isn't. Hmmm....

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