Sunday, December 19, 2004

If a blog falls over in the woods....

Huh. I hadn't intended to take a four-day hiatus; I just did it. Oh well. How strange. No real reason, beyond the usual stuff: lots of stuff to do in PhysicalSpace, thus draining from my reserves of available time for BlogSpace, coupled with a relative lack of things to say. Anyway, I'm back for now, although I must note that I will probably be posting fairly lightly this entire week. Apparently there's some Holy Day coming up that I need to prepare for. (I'd mention it by name, except I don't want a bunch of libruls named Adlai to come chasing after me.)

In other news, Buffalo just got its first major shot of Canadian air for the winter. What's notable about these is the lake effect snow they bring (a few inches today, which have stopped now), and the fact that one goes to bed when it's 30 degrees out and gets up the next morning when it's 11 degrees out. Gotta love winter!

(My favorite bit of meteorological terminology, by the way, is the name given to the "big blast of incredibly cold air from Canada coming down to put us all into carbon freeze" phenomenon in the Midwest: the "Alberta Clipper". It just sounds like a big, long train rumbling along the tracks across the Canadian tundra, doesn't it? I'm not sure why I bring that up just now, but there it is.)

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