Monday, December 13, 2004

Two Questions

1. Are the graphics on this blog showing up as they should for all of you? They're not all loading for me, and there's neither rhyme nor reason to what's not showing up.

2. OK, is there some reason why I never heard of the "Trans-Siberian Orchestra" until about three weeks ago when a co-worker told me about them over lunch, and now I'm hearing about them from just about everybody? I know I tend to be out of touch, but I'm not usually that clueless. I mean, I know who Eminem is and all. So what's the deal with these Siberian guys? Their name make me think of that scene in the Bond film The Living Daylights, when the bad guy, a Soviet officer, tells his cellist girlfriend after betraying her that he'll try to have her assigned to the Siberia Philharmonic Orchestra. "They're quite good, despite their bourgeois repertoire", he says. Anyhoo....

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