Sunday, December 05, 2004


Jeff Cooper apparently has a new daughter, Samantha. I always liked that name. We used to have a cat named Samantha ("Sam" for short, obviously), and she in turn was named for the Grace Kelly character in High Society (in turn a musical remake of The Philadelphia Story, in which the later Grace Kelly part is played by Katherine Hepburn). There are some pretty good songs in the musical version, one of which is simply called "I Love You, Samantha":

Samantha, you're all
I'll ever adore,
So forgive me, do,
If I say to you
What I've said so often before.

I love you, Samantha,
And my love will never die.
Remember, Samantha,
I'm a one-gal guy.
Together, Samantha,
We could ride a star and ride it high.
Remember, Samantha,
I'm a one-gal guy.
And if some distant day
You decided to say,
"Get along, go away, goodbye!"
Remember, Samantha,
I'm a one-gal guy.
Remember, Samantha,
I'm a one gal guy.

Bing Crosby does pretty well with the songs, but as in every other movie in which he's cast as a romantic lead, well -- the guy just wasn't a romantic lead. (Especially when he's got Frank Sinatra in the same movie. Those two should have switched roles, and the movie would work a lot better. It would probably work better with a bit less overt sexism, too.) It's a lovely song, though.

And oh yeah, back to the original point of this whole post: congrats to Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Cooper, and little Miss Cooper!

EDIT: OK, now the links in the first sentence actually go somewhere. Yeeps.

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