Sunday, December 26, 2004

Thousands of voices, suddenly silenced....

Matthew Yglesias is horrified at the numbers killed in the tsunami wave disasters in Asia, and rightly so. He's also mind-boggled at the numbers -- over 10,000 at last report. Since he also reports that he was just at Madison Square Garden, it shouldn't be too hard to envision. MSG has a seating capacity of somewhere around 20,000 people. So all one has to do is envision a sellout crowd at MSG -- and then envision half of those being wiped out.

This, by the way, makes me think of something I've mentioned before: what if the terrorists had launched their attacks not on 9-11-01, but on 9-09-01, the first day of the 2001 NFL season? With four sold-out NFL stadiums as their targets? The body count thereof would have made what actually did happen look paltry by comparison.

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