Wednesday, February 26, 2003

When in doubt, post something about my referral-logs, I guess....

:: Someone happened on Byzantium's Shores via a Google search under "DestinyUSA progress".

Short answer: there ain't any.

DestinyUSA is the big-ass shopping mall/water park/Erie Canal recreation/hotel resort/indoor golf course thing that's been on the drawing board in Syracuse for years, and despite a "groundbreaking" ceremony last fall (in which a lot of dirt was brought in and spread about a section of the Carousel Center parking lot so Governor Pataki and assorted luminaries could stick a spade in it) there appears to be nothing going on outside of the normal behind-the-scenes discussion and wrangling about zoning and tax incentives and environmental studies and the like. When we moved here in September, they were talking about having DestinyUSA open and running (at least partly) in 2004; now they've pushed that back to 2006.

I like the idea of the project, although I remain skeptical of the ability of a metropolitan area the size of Syracuse to support something of this magnitude and have decided that I'll believe it when I see huge cranes, backhoes, earthmovers, and two thousand guys in blue jeans and orange shirts and Carhartt clothing milling about actually building the thing.

:: Someone else was looking for something involving VH1 and "the greatest one-hit wonder of all time"; I assume they're looking for info on a specific VH1 show. However, my personal favorite one-hit wonder of all time is Dexy's Midnight Runners, who achieved pseudo-immortality with their anthem "Come On Eileen".

:: It must be "Read a poem and comment on it" time in classrooms across the nation, because the "Annabel Lee" hits are starting to pick up again.

:: And I'm still getting hits from my mentioning of the Don Cheadle NFL ads, which stopped running a month ago!

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