Sunday, February 09, 2003

For the LOVE of GOD.

I'm not mad that Den Beste didn't like Attack of the Clones, really. (Well, OK, I am, a little.) And I'm not mad that he repeats the tired complaint about both prequels, "There's no Harrison Ford!". (Well, OK, I am, a little. To me, this complaint has always been a little like going to a "Frankenstein" movie and complaining because Dracula isn't in it.) Hell, I'm not even annoyed at his pretentious closing -- "I am harder to please than the masses." (Well, OK, I am, a little.)

But I'm most definitely annoyed that he is actually of the belief that Star Wars pales in comparison to....

....wait for it....

....Dragonball Z.

I may be completely off-base on this, but SDB strikes me as one of those people who reads one novel every two years or so, mainly to take his mind off the Really! Important! Nonfiction! stuff that usually occupies his time, which he just doesn't have to spend on such frills as fiction. (As I say, I could be completely wrong here. But somehow, I doubt it.)

(Yes, folks, I know. When I die, if I come before St. Peter and he tells me "You've had a good life, so you're in if you just do this one little thing: Denounce the Star Wars prequels!", I'm going to have a very hard time making the decision.)

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