Friday, February 14, 2003

MeFi has had some interesting threads lately about local delicacies, both in food and drink. It's always fascinating to think about all of the wonderful foods I long to try, but cannot without either traveling a long way or trusting my abilities to follow a recipe for a dish when I don't know how the dish is supposed to turn out. (I am pretty good at following recipes, though, so this isn't as big a hindrance as it could be.)

Also interesting to me, though, is the converse: the stuff that I can't fathom being palatable to anyone. Grits are very popular in the south, and I can't imagine why; I've always found them stunningly tasteless. And lutefisk? Ugh!! I was even looking in the ice cream section at the grocery store the other day, and I came across the first flavor of ice cream I've ever seen that made me wince, so awful did it sound: Green Tea Flavored Ice Cream. Green Tea?? Huh?!

(By the way, the greatest ice cream in the history of ice cream is Coffee Haagen-Dasz. Oh, the wonderment of that stuff....)

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