Sunday, February 02, 2003

Only Entertainment Weekly could take something as fun as debating the best Simpsons episodes ever and shoot it full of annoying critic-speak (is "didacticism" even a word?). And they omit my personal faves: the one where Homer joins the Stonecutters; the wickedly funny X-Files parody ep; the even funnier -- and wickeder -- Mary Poppins sendup, "Sherry Bobbins"; and the one where Homer takes over the Pee-wee football team. (Bart: "Dad, I've got some bad news." Homer: "Awww, your mother isn't pregnant, is she?") Oh well, the article is amusing enough, EW's annoying writing aside.

The worst Simpsons episode? Hmmmm....there was one where Homer sets up a webpage, which then leads into an unsuccessful parody of the cult-show The Prisoner; Barney Gumble's realization that he's an alcoholic seems strange for a show that once did an episode with the moral "To alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, life's problems"...but worst of all is the one where Maude Flanders dies. Ugh.

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