Friday, February 21, 2003

I've seen Roger Ebert dislike quite a few films in the years I've been reading him, but I'm not sure I've ever seen him get as angry about a film as he does about this new Kevin Spacey flick, The Life of David Gale. I don't plan on seeing this movie -- the subject matter does not interest me one whit -- but I'd still like to know just what has Ebert so annoyed here. His rigid rule about not giving away plot points means that basically his review says "This movie pissed me off!" without saying "This is why the movie pissed me off." This is a strength of the AICN style of reviews, where Harry Knowles and Moriarty and cohorts write general, spoiler-free impressions, followed by a detailed, spoiler-filled (with plenty of warning and white-space preceding it) discussion of the film's virtues or lack thereof.

So, if anyone sees the film and wants to let me know what I'm missing, feel free.

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