Tuesday, February 11, 2003

OK, SDB, and another thing....

Well, no, not really. A hearty "Welcome" to those of you perusing here by way of SDB's link. I hope some of you will take some time to look around a bit and see that I don't foam at the mouth, generally, except for matters relating to a certain set of space-opera films made by George Lucas. I mean, we all have those little things that launch us into unforeseen rants. For me, it's Star Wars. For some people (ahem), it's France.

(Whoa....thank God, George Lucas isn't from France....the horror!!!)

(Oh, and one other note to newcomers: I don't talk about politics here very often, mainly because there is a ton of that available elsewhere. Generally speaking, though, I am a liberal, I generally vote Democratic, I have very little use for President Bush, and I support war in Iraq although I don't really trust our current Administration to not muck up the aftermath of such a war. Just in case anybody is wondering.)

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