Monday, February 24, 2003

Those of you with expertise in television broadcasting (I'm thinking of one particular reader, here -- hint hint, Aaron) will maybe be able to answer this question for me: is there something about the way NBC stations broadcast in general -- something relating to a satellite feed, or something like that -- that results in NBC stations invariably having the crappiest reception of all the network stations no matter which municipality I happen to be habitating at the time of watching?

We haven't used cable since we moved to Metro Buffalo three years ago; a set of "rabbit-ears" was sufficient for our needs, and except for the Food Network, there really wasn't anything on cable that we felt essential. But in both Buffalo and now Syracuse, while we lived within ten miles of each local network affiliate's broadcast antenna, the major networks all come in nice and clear (even PBS), except for NBC, which either flickers or has weird static or general fuzziness.

I haven't seen a clear episode of The West Wing since my cable days, during that show's first season.

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