Sunday, February 09, 2003

I find it moderately amazing that of all the words spilled, scrawled and spewed by the warbloggers, the best case for going to war in Iraq I've seen yet is made by Kevin Drum, and fairly concisely, too. (Not concise for him -- for a guy who's usually a model of brevity this is abnormally verbose, but he doesn't ramble at all, and the words "Engineerist", "Jacksonian", "Idiotarian" and "Evil-evil-France-we-hate-them!" are not to be found. Man, it's refreshing.)

(The only problem with his essay I can identify is his statement that while India and Pakistan have problems with one another, their region is not a powerkeg. India and Pakistan are their region -- the Asian Subcontinent -- and it won't take much to make that region into a powderkeg.)

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