Tuesday, February 11, 2003

After a year of blogging, I'm a bit surprised as to what generates attention here and what doesn't. I've occasionally posted responses to SDB's political commentary -- although not often, and most recently here -- and have received nary a peep; but somehow he sure noticed my indignance that he dares speak ill of a Star Wars movie.

And the first big spike in my traffic came last summer when I started posting my capsule reviews of all the James Bond movies. Somehow that attracted attention at the time, and yet, my similar capsulization of the Star Trek films has, to my knowledge, gone completely unnoticed.

I mentioned during the NFL playoffs how much I was enjoying that series of TV ads the NFL made, featuring actor Don Cheadle spouting some fairly memorable dialog ("That's how big the playoffs are. They took the name Joe and made it, JOE.") That mention generated at least nine or ten hits a day. (Yes, for me, that's a lot.)

People also find Byzantium's Shores if they search the Net for information on any of the poems for which I've done "Excursions" (these "Poetical Excursions" are merely brief discussions of what strikes me in particular about a given poem, as a way of constantly reminding myself to read more poetry). By far, the most popular of these is my Excursion for Poe's "Annabel Lee", which is good in that this is the poem I've thought most about over the years since I read it.

And there's a good amount of traffic to be found by linking to Scoreland Soundtrack Reviews, a film music website (that hasn't been updated in far too long -- are you there, Jay?). This is because there appears to be another, more notorious, site with the ScoreLand handle wherein can be found...well, I'm assuming photos of scantily-clad women.

So, anyway, I hope some of you arriving by way of Steven Den Beste's statement that I should lighten up stick around a while. I'm not really as anal as I seem in those two posts. Really.

(And while I'm discussing my one-year blogiversary and traffic-details, I'd like to thank everyone who has permalinked me over the last year. It's always appreciated!)

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