Monday, February 03, 2003

Signs that the guy on TV is not listening to what is actually being said by the person to whom he is speaking, as heard this morning on Syracuse's NBC affiliate:

Dramatis Personae: The TV Weatherman, and some woman who just won the station's daily contest and is on the phone.

Weatherman: Hi! You've just won the contest! So what do you do?

Woman who's won the contest: I am a stay-at-home mom.

Weatherman: Do you have kids?

Anchorwoman sitting nearby, politely listening: Uhhhhh....I think she said....

Weatherman: on winning! (valiantly tries to avoid turning red, but fails)

This is the same weatherman who a few weeks ago, during a weather segment, stepped off-camera while saying, "I'm going to step off-camera now so you folks at home don't see me scratching my nose, because it's really itchy today." And this is the same guy who, a few weeks before that, said on-air, "I don't really believe all that stuff about global warming."

The scary part? His forecasts are generally accurate.

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