Thursday, February 13, 2003

Noting all of the ads on TV that tout "the newest reality series!", I wonder if in a year or two fictional shows will become sufficiently rare that ads will begin popping up touting "the newest fictional series!". I can hear the copy now: "These people are not real. They are not the guy or girl next door. They are characters, played by actors, reciting dialog written by writers. Follow their adventures!"

I've stopped following American Idol, mainly because now it's at the point where they're showing all these people singing songs that I really don't like, in the "pop" style that I don't really enjoy. I'd rather watch these people try to sound like themselves, as opposed to trying to be "the next Mariah Carey" or "the next Whitney Houston" or "the next Luther Vandross". (Or, as someone actually tried the other night, "the next Debbie Boone". I mean, who on earth sings "You Light Up My Life" anymore? Ye gods....) But the show's early installments, the "weeding-out" episodes, were highly entertaining.

Of course, tonight the reality-granddaddy-of-them-all returns. Yep, another go-round of Survivor. I plan to celebrate in my own fashion.... watching Friends and Scrubs.

(Although, I can in fact envision a few scenarios under which I would probably watch this show: maybe if they did Survivor: Siberia with No Food, or Survivor: the South Pacific but with no island, just a leaky boat, or Survivor: The Pakistani Highlands.)

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