Monday, August 31, 2009

You can call me Mr. Filion.

A while back, I opined on Facebook that currently, the world's reigning God Emperor of Coolness is William Shatner. It is my belief that while Fonzie can snap his fingers to make the jukebox start up, a snap of William Shatner's fingers will cause all four original Beatles to materialize out of thin air, instruments in hand, to play a set.

I will now add a corollary: Shatner is God Emperor of Coolness, but the Crown Prince is Nathan Fillion.

Here's an older appearance by Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel's show:

All hail the future God Emperor of Coolness!


Lynn said...

A lot of people agree with us on that. Nathan Fillion is currently number one in the voting for Mr. Twitter.

By the way, you left out an "L" in the title.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

I suppose he can play me when they make a movie about Bzantium Shores. On second thought, no. I demand Crispin Glover play me.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

If he was still alive I would consider Charles Nelson Riley.