Monday, August 03, 2009

Make it stop.

Oh my God...the "Birthers" are so insane that Ann Coulter has called for them to shut up? We've managed to find a group on the right that is so far out there in Cuckoo-land that Ann F***ing Coulter thinks they're too loony to encourage?

Wow. That is some serious, serious crazy.


Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Yet the newest senator does not bother thee?

He who qualifies on skits of scorn

Nary a comment about this triumph of irrationality

Is this contempt for the moderate who is now forlorn?

Were not the scales to be balanced oh so precisely?

Constitutional authors intended cool heads

Now a transformation of politics to celebrity

A blind electorate emotionally led

Has the wisdom of our forefathers now expired?

Have we achieved a new paradigm of thought?

Is sensational fervor better than traditional mire?

Or do we advance down a path they feared and fought?

Change is a siren the downtrodden lust to hear

Excused for elusiveness when ushered by fear

Lynn said...

Incredible. I think she wasn't put in time out enough when she was a kid.

Roger Owen Green said...

I was going to cite Ann Coulter in my piece about Obama yesterday, but then she said two other stupid things to shows she's, well, Ann Coulter.
Earl - the newest senator was duly elected.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

I guess we have evolved as a country Roger. Why only a short time ago we were up in arms about an election for high office that were decided in state supreme courts. Now its called duly elected

I wonder if I open my synonym finder if I will find Hypocrisy listed under evolved.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Yeah, because Bush-Gore and Franken-Coleman were exactly the same situations.

This is one of the dumbest accusations of "hypocrisy" I've ever seen.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Considering Franken was the vote that busts the filibuster I would say this was a very important decision. Or should I say election? Oh these new synonyms hard for a simple man like me to keep up. I mean I thought election decision was synonymous with stealing the election.

I don't watch Keith Obelwhatever but was he crying out for recount justice after this election? Oh I am sure he was, I mean he is a journalist after all. Fair and open minded