Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ach, if not for the non-life-sized ship....

One of my favorite places at the County Fair is the Fine Arts building, where all entrants pertaining to the Fine Arts are displayed. Paintings, photographs, quilting, topiaries, costumery, cultivation of African violets and other flowers, et cetera, all in one building. We usually spend quite a bit of time in this building.

There's always a section of the building given over to dioramas like this. I suppose a couple of themes are assigned and then entrants craft their entries around one of them; this year, one of the themes was "Treasure Island", so there were three different dioramas devoted to all things piratical. Every diorama further sports a card on which the judges' comments are noted. This one cracked me up, because if you click through to the large size, you can read it:

"Ship not life size."

So, apparently this diorama would have been perfect if the artist had erected the Black Pearl behind it. Hmmmm.

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