Wednesday, August 26, 2009


He would have been five today. Had he not suffered the brain damage that caused his cerebral palsy, he would be entering Kindergarten this year. Alas, it wasn't to be, and we'll wonder "what if" for all the rest of our days.

Here he is, in the arms of his grandmother, who has since joined him...wherever it is that we go, when we leave.

Happy birthday, Little Quinn.


Thee Earl of Obvious said...

My five year old enters kindergarten today. I am not a weeper (nothing against it, I just have a lot of testosterone so it does not come easy) but I came close last night as I was feeling like I was losing something. A new chapter beginning and all. Blue. Thank you for the reminder that today must be celebrated. It is all we have indeed.

Buffalopundit said...

My heart aches for you guys and what might have been, but I remember your posts about him and how much you all loved and cared for him.

Mimi said...

May his Memory be Eternal.

Kerry said...

Beautiful photo.