Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Burst of Weirdness (Monday Edition)

Sorry that I didn't get to this yesterday, but it was an unexpectedly busy day on the home front (a bit of furniture shifting and some cooking, basically). Anyway, I found some great stuff, as always, at the ever-reliable, such as this clock; an awesome school bus for Hayao Miyazaki fans; and a fountain that would make MC Escher proud.

I'll try to be on the right day next week.

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Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Regarding the "ten best places to grow up: whaaaa? I used to think our "national obsession" with ranking things was a gimmick created by otherwise unread periodicals to entice the small minded. Then I noticed how many hospitals are in on the mania. This is really a sickness that attacks its host regardless of their ability to create in critical,outside-the-box,or higher level thinking. New rankings come out every day. Good, and otherwise smart people are following, and adjusting their lives based on these rankings. They quote them throughout the day.

First the rankings were general in nature now they are getting more subtle and thus manipulative. What is next? "The ten books you MUST burn"?

Um, that being said I for one would love to see your top ten list of movie soundtracks. : )