Friday, August 14, 2009

How long until George Lucas reboots Star Wars?

UPDATE: Broken link fixed.

Apparently Bryan Singer is on the cusp of directing a Battlestar Galactica movie. That doesn't seem terribly noteworthy, since the show just ended -- except that the movie, by all reports, won't have anything to do with the recently completed show! Instead it will draw upon the original material for the 1978 Glen A. Larson show.

So a show that was on thirty years ago, and was already rebooted into a very successful show that ran for several years, will now be rebooted again into a movie franchise. Huh?!

Look, I like Bryan Singer, actually. I didn't care for The Usual Suspects, but everything I've seen since then by Singer has been pretty good. (And yes, I include Superman Returns.) And I'm all for explodey-spaceshippy space opera goodness on the big screen. But this "rebooting" craze has to hit a wall at some point, doesn't it? Isn't there any impetus anymore to come up with something new?


Call me Paul said...

The hyperlink in the first paragraph simply points back to this post.

jason said...

I don't see the value of doing yet another version of Galactica, and I'm not at all confident of Singer being the one to make such a thing work. I liked his two X-Men movies, but Superman Returns was a train wreck, IMO. My biggest complaint with it, oddly enough, was that it tried too hard to hearken back to Christopher Reeve's/Richard Donner's Superman movies instead of being an honest reboot and finding its own identity.

And anyway, I'm really, utterly, to-my-soul sick of Hollywood strip-mining my childhood for product. At this point, it's obvious that all the studio suits care about is "extending the brand," and not making actual movies. A pox on all remakes/reboots/reimaginings.

(As for your title, I shudder at the very thought... is nothing sacred anymore? Nothing at all?)

Lynn said...

I agree! Some reboots are okay but I want some orginal "explodey-spaceshippy space opera goodness."

Kelly Sedinger said...

Yeah, the more I think about this the more annoyed I get by it. Firefly is dead and buried but Galactica is about to get its third go-round? (Hell, its fourth, even, if you count Galactica 1980.)