Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ringin' it in with a Quiz

I'm feeling the need to post something, and before we venture out for a fun-filled day of Gift Card Redemption, here's a little years-end wrap-up quiz I found at Incurable Insomniac (who still owes me an interview, by the way!):

Best Party: Errr...didn't go to any parties.
Worst Party: Ditto. No good parties, but no bad parties, either. Maybe some kind of Buffalo blog get-together might be in the offing in 2008, but I dunno...they only seem to have Twitter get-togethers these days, and I don't do Twitter. (Seriously, if all you spare for me is time to read 140 characters, then sorry; I can't even say hello in 140 characters. I'm like an Ent: I don't say anything unless it's worth taking a long time to say.) There's usually a get-together of sorts to watch the State of the Union address, but that's just not my speed.

Best Dinner: Probably the fish fry dinners we had every Friday during Lent; we'd get takeout and then sit on home and watch one disc of Lord of the Rings. It worked out perfectly, as the Extended Editions are spread across six discs.
Worst Dinner: I don't recall any bad dinners this year. Even at my worst, when time was short and I was trying to get through a jam-packed night and could only find time to wolf down a PB&J, it was OK.

Best News: There's a new President coming to town.
Worst News: Rejection slips. All you editors who keep refusing to buy my stuff are going to look pretty stupid, some day. You'll see! (First I'll learn to write better stories, though. That might help the cause.)

Best Reaction: The Jig of Ultimate Joy I did in my living room when Plaxico Burress caught the go-ahead, and game-winning, touchdown in the Super Bowl, which was repeated a few minutes later when the Giants took the ball over on downs, icing the game.
Worst Reaction: Probably a series of coarse words, uttered in a back room at work.

Best Creative Endeavor: The short stories I managed to write. Only a handful, but I like them. (And the screenplay that will never see the light of day; I enjoyed working in the format again.)
Worst Creative Endeavor: The list-as-long-as-my-arm of unfinished projects.

Best Blog Entry: Can't pick just one. Here's the master list.
Worst Blog Entry: know what? You pick it.

Best Casual Get-Together: Didn't do much of those, either. I must have been freakishly antisocial in 2008, even by my standards.
Worst Casual Get-Together: See above....

Best Physical Feat: Reducing my weight, waist size, and so on.
Worst Physical Feat: Stubbing three toes at once. Ugh, that hurt.

Best Neighbors: Oddly, we actually lost neighbors this year. Two moved out. I hope it wasn't us.
Worst Neighbors: CANADA!!! (Just kidding. I love Canada. We don't have neighbor problems, actually.)

Best Web Feat: Blogging.
Worst Web Feat: Blogging.

Best Moment of Pride: Didn't have one.
Worst Moment of Embarrassment: Nothing that's getting written about here.

Best Moment of National Pride: Obama won.
Worst Moment of National Embarrassment: John McCain's elevation of Sarah Palin, a person so unserious as to make Dan Quayle look like Henry Kissinger by comparison, to the national stage.

Best Laugh: The night the invented champagne....
Worst Cry: See "Worst Moment of Embarrassment", above.

Best Picture: Any of the ones on Flickr that don't have me in them, I guess.
Worst Picture: Any of the ones on Flickr that do have me in them, I guess.

That's it.

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SK Waller said...

I'll get your questions to you very soon. The holidays, you know.

BTW, if I had to vote on best and worst picture, I'd say the one in your side bar is pretty darned good while the one in that last photo meme you did (as did I) was, well, not as good. :)