Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Annoyances ahoy....

Well, my little roses that follow each blog post are missing, as is my American flag in the sidebar. This is because Earthlink has apparently reduced the amount of data transfer allowed for people like me who use its free webspace to store graphics and whatnot. Right now I'm averaging hitting my limit in about ten days' time, so I've had to create three accounts (they're free, you get up to eight or something like that) for my graphics, and then each month when one hits the limit I have to go through the template for this blog and change the HTML to point to a username whose transfer limit hasn't been exceeded. And then on the first of each month it all resets. The problem is, on the username I'm using right now, I don't have my roses or my flag. This irritates me.

So, in the next week or two I'll be signing up with an actual hosting company. I'm looking for a cheap one so I can just host my graphics and not have to worry about things disappearing. I'll get that taken care of soon enough, but anyone wondering why the blog sporadically looks weird, this is why.


JPDeni said...

If you want cheap, try or If you want a comprehensive website that works, try I've had all three. I'm on the third one now because the others were unreliable for websites.

Anonymous said...

I have been using for several years and they are WONDERFUL. I'm paying 10 dollars a month and the service is great. I have had very few problems but whenever I have a question their tech support guy almost always responds within 24 hours and he treats me like I'm someone important not just a blogger.

They offer the option of a quick and easy Wordpress install if you're interested in that.