Monday, October 09, 2006

A very public service message.

As a guy who's been doing lots of work on the job with various hand and power tools over the last three years, I know that tools can often be used in ways for which they aren't originally designed. But sometimes, using a tool for a certain task might not be a good idea, such as using a sharp chisel to open a paint can. (Really, folks, you can get a paint can opener at Home Depot for something like $1.29! Don't use your chisels or screwdrivers!)

Anyhow, this also applies to medications: yes, it may seem to work initially, but it turns out that you're really not supposed to use hemorrhoid cream on your face. I know that people like to think outside the box on stuff like this, but really, putting hemorrhoid cream on your face? Really, folks, if you've gotta put cream on your face, use either this or this. Don't use this! Ewwwwww!

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