Sunday, October 29, 2006


I was just noodling about the apartment a bit, waiting for The Amazing Race to come on, not paying a whole lot of attention to Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, mainly because I find Rooney palatable in print but nigh-unbearable on the tee-vee. But I caught that he was talking about cities, for some reason, and he said something really bizarre: "I didn't know that Pittsburgh is on an island, just like New York City."

I have no idea what the hell Rooney was talking about, because Pittsburgh is not on an island. Sure, the three rivers there have some small islands, no doubt, but downtown Pittsburgh is not on an island to any degree that, say, Manhattan is.

I think Andy Rooney has officially lost it.

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SAW said...

I've got to agree. At some point, the Roonster slipped his load a bit.

Here's the link to Ali G (Sasha Baron Cohen) doing up Mr. Rooney. Hilarious.