Monday, October 30, 2006

Sentential Links #72

And in the end, all the links in all the world shall be clicked....

:: I am married. I love Dee. I am very happy. (And the selfish jerk used nothing but local merchants for all of his wedding needs! What a yutz! But congrats, anyway!)

:: Sorry, but I’m just not in the mood to write anything of meaning, so I think I’ll just see where the keyboard takes me. (I always love it when someone starts off a post with "I'm not in the mood to write", and then uncorks a long post!)

:: I've spent the last fifteen years waiting for another (I am referring to the last great Bond film, Living Daylights) Bond film to catch my eye, to make me hunger for the old Bond. (I pretty much agree, with the proviso that I think Licence to Kill is the most underrated film of the series, and that the Brosnan films weren't that bad, even if as a whole Brosnan's run was more problematic than any of the other Bonds.)

:: After spending time in a room full of new mothers and mothers-to-be this weekend, it is difficult not to think about well, babies. (What are you saying, Jen? Hmmmmmmm???)

(Oh, and by the way, can any Buffalo Blogger let me know why Jen14221 is coming up as password-protected? Did she go all-private, all the time?)

:: Religion gets its power from its early-adopted inconsistencies. A few very different ideas were merged, and the result is far richer than any single one of them could be alone. (Long and fascinating post.)

:: Three years of reading, thinking, and learning -- and writing about (or synthesizing) that reading, thinking, and learning. (And Huzzah! for all that. Catch up on the links that M-Mv provides to her favorite posts of the last year.

:: As a self-appointed court jester to the Right, Miller has found a bad comedian's dream---an audience that doesn't care if he's funny. (I used to think Dennis Miller was funny -- what the hell happened?)

And now the obligatory political ones:

:: One of the running gripes on this blog has been that pundits and commentators are deeply reluctant to acknowledge what is undeniably a central truth about American politics today: That the GOP, not the Democratic Party, is overwhelmingly to blame for the race-to-the-bottom partisanship and degradation of our political discourse that's dragging us all down.

:: Let's say you have a problem. You have the choice of two people to solve the problem --- the one who caused the problem, refuses to admit it even is a problem and won't change anything even as the problem grows worse --- or the other one. Which do you choose? (Stay the course! Stay it, damn you! STAY IT!)

:: As a result, the political party that, from top to bottom and with very few exceptions, was wrong about virtually everything with regard to Iraq still preens around as the serious national security party that can be trusted, while those who were right are still somehow depicted as the hapless, confused losers whose judgment can't be trusted to "protect" the country. (I edited out a parenthetical link.)

:: Let's just say that when one is accused of being unpatriotic because one opposes an Evangelical administration which favours torture, we are all the way through the Looking Glass.

All for this week.

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