Sunday, October 15, 2006

Take THAT, Francisco Cabrera!

For most sports fans, I suspect, there is the team that you love the most, then there are a few teams you like and root for when they're not playing your number one team, and then there are a few teams you absolutely detest, and then there's a whole bunch of teams that don't bug you one way or the other; they're just there to give your team somebody to play.

For me, the Detroit Tigers fall into that last category. I neither hate them nor like them; they're just kind of there. But this guy ranks about as high with me as a sports figure can rate:

I mean, in my personal sports pantheon, Jim Leyland ranks with Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, and Thurman Thomas. If he quit baseball and became head coach of the New England Stupid Patriots, I might...well, no, I wouldn't go that far. A guy's got to have his limits, you know. But still, seeing Leyland win his second pennant is wonderful, and I'll be rooting for the Tigers in the World Series.

(Last time the Tigers won the Series, their most famous fan was Thomas Sullivan Magnum!)

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