Monday, October 09, 2006

Sentential Links #69

Time again!

:: The elements are glowing. Toast’s almost done.

:: So toss me into that cardboard box in the corner that is those blogs that just don’t fit into any mold. I don’t mind. In fact I like it in there. I have lots of company. (Tell me about it -- maybe we can go to the Island of Misfit Blogs!)

:: So, if you think that celebrating Columbus Day is somehow inappropriate, yet you're not comfortable with Indigenous Peoples Day, celebrate John Lennon Day today. He would have been 66.

:: We'll keep having our own lives, our own friends and we'll also spend time together. (I keep forgetting about this blog....)

:: The jabs, the satire, the shoulder shrugging, the ire, the denial, the avoidance. I get that. We all have to cope our own ways. I just feel pretty alone these days. Dirty, sitting in a fetid pile of injustice, waiting for the rain.

:: I admit it — the guy’s lack of tackiness totally bums me out. (This blog author e-mailed me a few weeks ago, and as is my usual practice, I completely forgot about it until a day or two ago. Whoops! Anyhow, if you like making fun of fanboy and/or fangirl goofery, this is the blog for you.)

:: It's arguable whether the Iraq experiment could have worked under any circumstances, but it's undeniable that after three years of miscues there simply aren't any credible options left. You can't criticize Democrats for being unable to solve a problem that's no longer solvable.

:: This is not a claim that can be debated or spun. They're claiming that Hastert threatened Foley with expulsion unless he resigned. That either happened or it didn't. And it simply did not happen.

All for now.


Jayne said...

Thanks for including my ever-so-cheery sentiment : )

PS I love your Sentential Posts idea, so much so that I'm borrowing the concept, hope you don't mind! Cheers,


Roger Owen Green said...

I'm rather partial to The Island of Misfit Blogs. I DO believe mine qualifies, doesn't it?