Sunday, October 15, 2006

But for the grace of God....

Shamus's daughter is sick, but it appears that she is on the mend. Best wishes to him and his family from someone who knows all too well what it's like.

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Shamus said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes.

I thought of your family several times during the ordeal. There was a little boy in the same room as my daughter - a very sick, very beautiful little guy named Jordan. He had CP and I guess he was 2. His birthday was Friday, but I don't think he'll make it to the next one. Maybe I'll get the nerve to write about him a little more someday, but not just yet. I lived in the same room as him for 2 days, and it still stings to think that in a year I'll be here and he won't.

I'm lucky, and I know it. Thanks again for your kind words.