Monday, October 23, 2006

Sentential Links #71 (Buffalo Storm edition)

And so we come once again to that time again! Most of these are my neighbors in the Buffalo Prefecture of Blogistan. Click for context:

:: Val: Hey, isn't' that the heat coming on?
Kevin: (After a 5-second silent pause) Hey, the lights on the coffee maker are flashing.

:: Ahhh...sweet, sweet electricity.

:: So, I start a new job in a few weeks - I'll be working at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - which is going to be a crazy-ass commute. (So help me Mother of God, if this is a precursor to a family leaving WNY! I'm putting you on warning, Jan14221!)

:: The neighborhood is a hive of activity today, resonant with the sound of chainsaws. (This is a newly-launched Buffalo blog, although it's a second life for a former Buffalo blog that had fallen silent. Welcome back to the fight!)

:: There’s nothing wrong with critiquing how your government officials do their job - I do it all the time on this blog and as part of my 40-hour a week gig as the editor of a weekly community newspaper - but for today I just wanted to say thanks to the folks who had to make the tough decisions and I’m glad they did so.

:: This is no Katrina, but it is still a jolt—like stepping off a curb just as a car speeds by, maybe. Or having your kitchen catch fire, but be extinguished before the house burns down. This—whatever it will be called— has the feel of a warning. Be careful. Be aware of how quickly things can change. Know how lucky you have been, how lucky you still are.

And now a few non-snowstorm links:

:: Never provide a dungeon without treasure. (If you've ever played AD&D or a similar role-playing game in your life, please check out Shamus's DM of the Rings series. You can get to all of the posts here. He's fashioning a comic strip, using images taken from the Lord of the Rings movies, but writing the dialogue as if the images are actually those of an AD&D campaign. All he needs to capture the feel of the campaign I was in during my college years is a psychopathic elf fighter whose alignment is Chaotic Neutral.)

:: The irony is that the ability of Katie to appear to millions of people (well, fewer every day according to her ratings — oh, snap!) is due to the space program. (sent in by Paul)

Enough for now. Back next week!


Aaron said...

Speaking of that crazy ass elf, have you seen this? Click on the trailer.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I did see that! I forgot to e-mail you about it. Wow! That was him, all right. I wonder when he'll get his big break?