Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lurkers, cast off your chains!

[I will be keeping this post at the top of the blog until Saturday morning. Newer material will appear beneath it. So delurk, Lurkers!]

I remember a while back that a bunch of blogs had something called "Delurking week", in which lurkers were encourage to either leave comments or e-mail the bloggers so as to, well, delurk a bit. I missed the boat on that particular week, but here at Byzantium's Shores, I make my own calendar!

So, without further ado, I pronounce this week Delurking Week at Byzantium's Shores.

Come forth then, lurkers, and either leave a comment or send an e-mail. No names are required this time; if you just want to tell me that you're from Kalamazoo, that's fine, and if you actually have a comment that you've been withholding, feel free to e-mail it to me. I'm just curious to see who's out there that I don't already know about!

UPDATE 10-17-06: Pretty good response thus far. Nice to "meet" you all! And if you don't want to delurk in Comments, feel free to do it in e-mail. I won't publish messages if you do not wish them to run publicly.

UPDATE 10-19-06: Wow! Lots of good response. Anyone else want to delurk? Not asking for anyone to become a regular commenter, or even give a name, if you don't want to.


Anonymous said...

I'm not from Kalamazoo although I used to live in Grand Rapids, MI. Lake effect snow, yikes.

And I'm nominally a Lions fan but I don't even bother anymore, yesterday's game notwithstanding...

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of the week, you may consider me de-lurked. Please consider myself a grateful passenger of your blogship, Captain. Hopefully my posts will not become tempered by the knowledge that someone is actually reading them.

Anonymous said...

My name's David. I live in Japan and have posted comments anonymously a couple of times.

That I have no interest in football, Star Wars, or overalls and still read this blog regularly should be taken as evidence that you are doing something right. It's the wide range of the thing that keeps me coming back.

Thanks for doing it, and all the best,


popeyemoon said...

I found your blog , from Laputan Logic* one of a few links he had . have been lurking from Palestine,Tx. for a while . Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know me. I comment once in a while so I'm not a lurker but I'll comment anyway... just because.

Traci said...

I am delurking. I found you from Laura's journal (Adventures in Juggling). I don't read regularly but I enjoy reading when I do. I live outside of Nashville, TN. I love your masthead, it's what led me to keep reading.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if I'm a lurker or not. I know I've left a comment or two. I'm here at least weekly.

Most importantly: the letters I have to type in to post this almost look like they say def hex eye. Defhexeye. Seems like an important word.

Anonymous said...

I've commented once or twice I think. Mostly I lurk.

Anyway, I'm here, I'm reading -- howdy.

Charlie said...

Delurking as ordered, sir.

We went to Wartburg together, although I'd be surprised if you remembered me. Found your blog through Sean's and quite enjoy it.

The end. Carry on and whatnot.

bella said...

Still here... still reading... responding less of late!



Simon said...

Hey you. Occasional commenter and general layabout. (Me, not you.)

Anonymous said...

I'm from Finland, Europe. I've read your blog for about two years, about twice a week. You write in a very entertaining way, although I must admit I skip the sports sections ;-)

By the way, your positive comments on Guy Gavriel Kay's books got me to pick up one of his books. My warmest thanks for the recommendation: he's one of my favourite authors now.

All the best, Johanna

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found you by following Simon's blogroll (I think). I concur with David (except about the Japan thing, I live near Toronto). Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Long-time reader; approximately third-time poster. I'm not from Kalamazoo, although I do visit that town weekly. I'm a Michigan native, currently living in Albion. I follow the Lions out of curiosity more than anything else--I grew up in metro Detroit but latched onto the Miami Dolphins during their 17-0 season and haven't left that bandwagon.

Anonymous said...


I'm from Western Massachusetts, which is the part of Mass that doesn't include Boston or talk funny. I work in Boston though because we have no jobs in that part of the state.

I forget where I first learned of your website. It was probably following some star wars related link.

You do a good job so I keep coming back.

Finally I hate posting because I feel like such a tool, but that's probably an issue I should deal with in therapy.


Anonymous said...

I think we need a definition of "lurking" - for future reference. I'm from Indiana and I have left comments. Here is one. ;)

Avi Abrams said...

space opera rules

you might want to check out my THRILLIG WONDER STORY site which regularly reviews space adventures from the Golden Era. It also has a top-list and vintage pulp space illustrations.

and thank you for keeping interest in grand-scale space adventure alive!!

Avi Abrams

Anonymous said...

I lurketh.
I liketh.
I linketh.


Spoke said...

I've never read your blog before...I wonder if I ever will again?

SAW said...

I lurked, I read, I commented.

Cheers man!