Monday, October 16, 2006

Sentential Links #70

Click these links. Click them. CLICK THEM!

:: Is New York really the only city in the land where audiences can handle this gorgeous work by Japan's greatest twentieth-century composer? (I just happen to be listening to this piece right now, as I write this. I love Takemitsu.)

:: The world is full of so-called writers who are eunuchs and old women—flaccid, dithering, lifeless nothings.

:: I think maybe it's time I paid more attention to Hawkman. Clearly I have been missing out. (Via. I'm rather speechless.)

:: Spap Oop! BWAAAhahahaha! (It'll make sense when you click through. Trust me.)

:: If it makes you think, that's okay but it shouldn't depress you and it seems to me that Battlestar Galactica is going out of its way to be depressing. (Well, there's always ER....)

:: The theme of The Enemy at Home, as in so many conservative tracts, is that whatever goes wrong, liberals and liberalism are always the ones at fault.

:: Sunday evenings are the worst time of the week.

:: Finally, I'd rather carry one grateful passenger than 300 pissed-off ones. (New blog, by Jayne's husband. Found it when I saw that Jayne has shamelessly pilfered my Sentential Links series for a series of her own! Betrayer most foul!)

:: Nebraska is not exactly a style paradise, but the one thing you learn if you’re born there is that overalls are almost always sexy. (While I myself am an effective counterexample to this hypothesis, I certainly agree with the sentiment where the womenfolk are concerned.)

All for this week. Tune in next week to hear....


Peter (the other) said...

Thank you, kind sir, for the link (and I delurk at the same time). As I came of age in the sixties, I have fond memories of the ease of removal of overalls (snap, snap..... vavoom!), but they can be a bit ambivalant in the viewing of the lower limbs.

Jayne said...

"Betrayer most foul!"??? After the admitted shame, the linky love (X2) and recognition/attribution of the BRILLIANCE of the idea? (I'll stop the series if you like. Maybe :P)

Kelly Sedinger said...

Jayne: You can't stop NOW! That would be link-teasing, and we can't have that. I've generally been surprised that until now, NOBODY has stolen the concept! (Well, Lynn Sislo has done it a couple of times, but nobody regularly.) Plus, I like the blog-world you inhabit and enjoy the glimpses into it. So keep doing your series! To stop would be a betrayal most foul! ;)

Jayne said...

Fine! Your mixed messages ; ) are forgiven, and I will continue (it is a great idea and I seem to be fresh out of originality these days!) and will continue to give you the credit you deserve . . .