Saturday, September 18, 2004

Wow, who knew that blowhards reproduce like rabbits???

I've been remiss in not welcoming the new members of the Blowhard team. Michael soldiered on by himself fairly admirably (yeah, I know, he wasn't technically alone, but Vanessa doesn't post very often at all), but all those new voices are fascinating. Just now I caught up on the Blowhards and was reminded of an author I used to really like but somehow forgot about in the eight years since I read him last (Mark Helprin).

Also via the Blowhards -- Michael this time -- I spot this graphic, which shows that the rate of Federal spending has increased at a greater rate under President Bush and his Republican Congress than at any time since Gerald Ford left office. And yet, there are still folks who won't vote for Kerry because Bush is the "small government" guy. Give me a break.

(And from the text underlying the same graphic, I learn that George W. Bush is on track to become the first President in quite some time to serve an entire four-year term without vetoing a single bill sent to his desk. How much time, you ask? The last President to serve four years without reaching for the veto pen was also the last President whose father had also previously served as President: John Quincy Adams.)

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