Monday, September 27, 2004

Who was that masked airplane pilot?

The Wife and I took advantage of some kid-free time yesterday to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which we enjoyed immensely despite the fact that the plot makes absolutely no sense and that the stuff that might make sense if it was explained a little, is not explained at all. (Who is the "Sky Captain"? What is he a "Captain" of? Is he an independent, or something else? Where is that mountain base, since it's so incredibly close to New York City and yet so tucked away in these high mountains that don't look anything like any of the Catskills I've ever seen?)

Anyway, this is a pure "eye candy" movie, and I mean that: just about every important piece of plot is conveyed visually, and the film's design is pretty amazing. The script was OK, even if it ticked off nearly every cliche of the globe-trotting adventure flick that exists. I had a great time watching this movie.

And this is the first movie I've seen in a long time that had me cursing the fact that I didn't have enough cash in my wallet to go buy the score CD on the spot. I haven't been overly impressed with Edward Shearmur's work until now, but on the basis of what I heard in the film, he hit this one right out of the ballpark.

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